'microcephalic bob in hell'

updated: August 1, 2004

'microcephalic bob in hell' 'Microcephalic Bob', the product of a bad environment, has been captured and trapped in a two-dimensional universe known affectionately as Hell.

You can manuever 'Microcephalic Bob' by positioning the arrow and clicking where in his universe you would like for him to travel, at which point he will walk to this destination. You can control him manually with the arrow keys on the numeric keypad if NumLock is on.

'Microcephalic Bob' also has the capacity to think for himself. You can turn on his brain by pressing the B key on your keyboard.

At this point, his one motivating thought is 'Where do you want to go today?'. He will wander throughout his world in his attempt to decide what the best place for him is.

Once you activate his brain, you are not allowed to turn it off. 'Microcephalic Bob', ever the persistent and unyielding little trooper, will never discontinue his actions until he has reached his objective. In this way, 'Microcephalic Bob' is condemned to spend the gist of his existance in pursuit of a goal that can never be achieved, and probably never should have been considered in the first place.

In the event you have pity for this poor creature, you can hit the ESC (escape) key to terminate his process.

Future versions may include algorithms to allow 'Microcephalic Bob' to recognize the futility of persisting in such an environment and allow him to terminate his own process.

Current Version

The current version of the product is an alpha release. While the program does function, not all capabilities are accessible and development is not yet complete. Certain features may not work or may cause the program to fail.

At present the product is available as a self contained desktop application. It is important to note that the system is set to be redeveloped dramatically in the near future into incarnations with wider usage capabilities.

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Memory and system requirements for this product have not been established.

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