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updated: July 11, 2004

headmedia player ''headmedia' is a program for loading and controlling multiple Microsoft Agent Characters.

I've actually written probably 10 or 20 different versions of this program at different points and been dissatisfied with all of them, only to restart with a new approach to the basic problem: Microsoft Agent Technology is probably one of the most difficult to master. Somewhere I have a much better version of this and I'll find it shortly. Not all of the controls work correctly or at all. Don't use the 'open' interface to load characters, instead, drag the ACS file onto the combo box and use the UI to play with characters.

A version with voice recognition support is also around here somewhere that allows you to tell the characters what to do. Clicking on the keyboard icon on the top allows you to move the characters with the arrow keys. I also have a version somewhere with joystick support. There's a bunch of commands you can type in the bottom, right now I don't have the time to get them together for you. Stay tooned

Current Version

The current version of the product is an alpha release. While the program does function, not all capabilities are accessible and development is not yet complete. Certain features may not work or may cause the program to fail.

At present the product is available as a self contained desktop application. It is important to note that the system is set to be redeveloped dramatically in the near future into incarnations with wider usage capabilities.

Licensing Terms

Licensing terms for inclusion in third-party products are presently under consideration. If you would like to include this product on a compilation CD, another website, or any other media, please join the mailing list and use the contact feature to send an email.

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end user license agreement

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download instructions

To install the product, you will need a computer with a recent version of Microsoft Windows and the latest version of the Visual Basic runtime.

Memory and system requirements for this product have not been established.

Once you have verified that your computer meets the above requirements, click either the button to the left or the link below, then select 'Save As'. Select a location on your computer to place the file. Once the download has completed, you can launch the program from the location you selected.

Download 'headmedia.exe'

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 runtime (Service Pack 6)

You can obtain the latest version of the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 runtime (presently Service Pack 6) from the Microsoft Download Center.

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