Mastering Microsoft Access 2000 Programming

"At the end of the course, students will be able to use the programming capabilities of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Access applications to write custom functions and event-driven procedures; validate data; find and trap errors; access and manipulate data in tables using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) and Structured Query Language (SQL); and create a custom switchboard for an Access application"

Building Client/Server Applications With Microsoft Access 2000

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Design a client/server application that uses Access 2000 and MSDE.
  • Move an Access application from a Microsoft Jet database to an MSDE database.
  • Use the Access data tools to create MSDE elements such as tables, relationships, stored procedures, triggers, views, and data diagrams.
  • Create stored procedures that add, manipulate, and delete data in MSDE tables.
  • Create forms to display recordsets returned from stored procedures.
  • Create unbound forms by using Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).
  • Create unbound forms to display and manipulate disconnected recordsets.
  • Deploy a client/server Access application.

Mastering Database Fundamentals Using Microsoft Access 2000

General topics included but were not limited to:

  • Connecting a Microsoft Access 2000 front end to a SQL Server 2000 backend
  • Developing stored procedures in Microsoft Access 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000


The vast majority of my computer skills are self-taught, with experience gained through personal endeavors, Internet research, and community participation in a large number of open source projects.

In recent years I have been focusing on learning the .NET platform, with the emphasis on C# development for use with various Internet protocols.

I have also been heavily involved with the phenomenal Second LifeĀ® platform, enhancing my skillset in one of my favorite pasttimes, 3D modelling, as well as developing several client applications which connect to the platform.

Rounding out my skillset to include an understanding of the current state of the Linux platform, I have been working with virtual machine systems like Virtual Box and administering virtual servers running Ubuntu and Debian distributions.

Deployment on Linux servers has a number of advantages in terms of cost reduction for small businesses, and in an effort to be more productive in those areas, I have been endeavoring to work more with PHP and the MySQL database platform.