Software Development

Web Development

Web Developer with experience in HTML3,4,5, all modern browsers, testing and debugging web applications.


10+ years building shopping cart, catalog, and inventory management solutions. Experienced with PayPal integration, Magento optimization, module development, and a variety of other e-commerce related tasks.


Built hundreds of web applications with PHP versions 5 through 7.2, with PDO, MySQL, for many different requirements.


10+ years C#.NET experience, with versions 2, 3, and up to 4.6.2, building console and desktop applications, along with ASP.NET for Web Services.


10+ years Java experience, writing web applications for Apache Tomcat.


10+ years developing Javascript code for form validation, user interface / user experience enhancement, and a wide variety of requirements.


10+ years of developing with jQuery for user interface and user experience enhancement, forms validation, dynamic interactive webpages, and more.

MEAN Stack

5+ years mean stack development experience.


5+ years Angular development experience.


5+ years node js development experience.


5+ years administering WordPress websites, developing plugins, and creating themes.


5+ years administering WordPress websites and developing plugins.

Ruby On Rails

2+ years Ruby On Rails development experience.

Visual Basic & Classic ASP

10+ years Visual Basic development experience with versions 5 and 6.

Database Platforms


10+ years developing applications with MySQL databases on the backend.

MS SQL Server

10+ years developing applications with MS SQL Server.

MS Access

10+ years developing access with Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications.

Graphic Design

Flash & ActionScript

2+ years Flash and ActionScript 3 experience.


Experienced in photo editing and graphic design with Adobe Photoshop versions 4 through CS6.

Virtual Worlds

Built modules for OpenSimulator with C#.NET. Part of the open source libsecondlife team. Well versed with LSL Scripting as well as OSSL.


10+ years experience creating animated characters for user interfaces and presentations.

Operating Systems


10+ years working with a variety of Linux flavors, including Ubuntu, Fedora, and Redhat Enterprise.

Mac OS X

10+ years working with the Macintosh operating system.

Microsoft Windows

Experience with nearly all versions of Microsoft Windows in both workstation and server capacities.

Other Industries

Microprocessor Resale

Developed business systems and performed network administration for management of inventory in an ISO 9000 environment at an electronic components reseller.

Clean Room

Memory Module Fabrication at Micron Semiconductor (Summer, 1996), working in clean room environment, involving various chemical, software, and assembly line processes.


10+ years in Radio, as technical producer, audio engineer; call screener, spot producer.


10+ years in Broadcast Television, as master control room technician during live television broadcasts, dubbing commercials, maintaining operational state of satellite downlinks. Also involved in media and entertainment production.