WestFarm Foods Newsletter Article About My Work

"Thanks to the herculean efforts by ace webmaster Rob Lindman and the Information Technology team, it is now much easier for Northwest Dairy Association (NDA) producers to see their milk's quality data on the newly enhanced NDA website. The site, which is better organized, faster and provides more information, gives producers just what they need and has met with rave reviews."

DARIGOLD.COM wins International Dairy Farmers Association Best Website award

"Congratulations! You are a winner in the 2002 Achieving Excellence Marketing Awards competition. Your efforts are helping to raise the standards - and the success - of all dairy products.

We are pleased to present you with the following award(s):

Best Billboard (Combination Dairy Products), Best Packaging Redesign (Frozen Novelties), and Best Website (Combination Dairy Products)"


"Rob applies his technical knowledge with ease. He works well with users throughout a project's life cycle."

"Rob has done an excellent job... This was a complex assignment."

"Rob worked well with users, managers and contractors... This project was completed on time and within budget."