Westfarm Foods

Oversaw and developed various websites and web applications for Washington's second largest privately owned corporation.

Hewlett Packard

Developed a simple search engine for HP's internal training with HTML5, jQuery, and JSON data.


Gannett Media Technologies, Inc. Gannett is best known as the publisher of the USA Today, in addition to hundreds of other major market websites, television and radio stations, and associated publications.

My role was to oversee the upgrade of key social media components that were integrated with all of the websites for all of Gannetts offerings.

I wrote wrapper code for various social media APIs and developed components for the content management system which would allow storage of profiles and blog posts and photo uploads for users of the sites.

Inland Empire Components

Developed the initial version of the site, including an online product catalog and search engine.

Mitsubishi i Facebook Page


PHP / Web Developer, Skycoinlab.

Rewriting entire secure business system from the ground up using PHP, inspekt, Valitron validator, and Bootstrap 3.

Implementing bitcoin mining pool and subscription services APIs

Planet Of The Heads

Social network service with interactive graphical characters and software for enjoyment and entertainment.

Copyright Information

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