Front End

  • Developed Magento skin from client wireframes in HTML, CSS, along with custom Magento XML layouts
  • Backported existing Magento site to standardized HTML

Back End

  • Reverse engineered modules used in an undocumented Magento installation
  • Developed media publication workflow and approval process with rsync
  • Authored admin panel module for user-friendly management of shipping configurations


  • Fine-tuned MySQL Databases for optimal performance in High Availability applications
  • Researched and developed solutions for row and transaction level replication systems
  • Developed scripted and GUI based solutions for maintaining, backing up, and monitoring uptime of MySql instances
  • Developed various BASH scripts and cron jobs for maintaining Apache Solr
  • Developed various BASH scripts for automating core_config_data changes
  • Developed various BASH scripts for optimizing abandoned carts and archiving large databases


  • Installed and configured several Magento modules
  • Developed various BASH scripts and cron jobs for maintaining Apache Solr
  • Configured, administered, installed Apache2 / PHP5 / MySQL instances for Magento
  • Configured email servers for sending of store related mail through secure networks
  • Configured, maintained, resized, and managed Rackspace instances for Magento
  • Developed scripting for automating changes to core_config_data
  • Migrated database images

Consultant / Analyst

  • Installed and configured both Community and Enterprise Editions
  • Researched, implemented, and deployed numerous performance enhancements such as OpCode Caching
  • Identified and debugged code for secure government logins using OUATH
  • Planned, implemented, and deployed a subdomain change to existing Magento install
  • Corrected issues with Promotion Code processing and a specialized payment module

Shop Owner

When I am between roles for clients, I am fine tuning my skills, and also have developed a small e-commerce business.

I am in the process of developing several stores for my own interests, which gives me further reason to continue in my investigation of Magento.

Having my own shops also gives me the opportunity to test different configurations, modules, and options quickly.

  • Configured Magento for Multi-Store configuration
  • Modified and customized Magento related email templates