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Resume : Experience : Rob Lindman: Software Developer



Web Development

Web Developer with experience in HTML3,4,5, all modern browsers, testing and debugging web applications.


A large portion of my recent endeavors have involved development on PHP5 with MySQL databases, on Ubuntu or Debian servers.

This addendum is for employers interested in information about my recent experience with PHP and MySQL.


Over the past few years I have become adept at the C# language with .NET. I am regularly online in ##csharp in Freenode on IRC, either answering or asking questions on C#, .NET, and a variety of related topics, gathering information for a variety of different products related to the language as well as different methods for software design.

As time permits, I plan to extend this website with examples of programs I have developed recently. I previously had done so with Visual Basic 4 5 and 6 applications, but in transitioning to this new site, I decided to shelve those and produce newer software based on new things I've learned.

If you are interested in learning more about my C# background for employment purposes, feel free to contact me, or check back soon as I expand on this section.

Flash & ActionScript

My current position presents me with the unique opportunity for training in Adobe Flash CS3 as a designer, and ActionScript 3 as a software developer. I now have 3 months of experience with this technology, and I am planning to add more Flash and ActionScript related media to this site in the future.


Experienced in photo editing, graphic development with Adobe Photoshop versions 4 through CS4.


I have experience as an animator creating animated characters for user interfaces. See my portfolio for some of my animated characters.



forms validation UI animation and management css style modification ajax, soap, wsdl, rest, xml

I write Javascript frequently in my projects and for my customers. My preference is unobtrusive Javascript, I like the way it does not intermix scripting logic with layout or form data.

Most recently I developed a page for interfacing with my 3D virtual environment which uses AJAX, XSLT, and of course Javascript to regularly poll the status of servers and update a page for users.

Commonly I prefer to deploy Javascript in web applications in addition to server side validation for forms.

I am currently looking into the Yahoo UI (YUI) library for development of web applications.

URLs for examples of Javascript I have developed are available upon request, or can be identified by going to the sites in my Showcase section.








I have been developing databases for quite some time. My recent experiences in this area have been centered around the MySQL 5 database engine, though some projects have required both MS Access and MS SQL Server.

Ruby On Rails

Visual Basic & Classic ASP

I have over a decade of experience with Visual Basic. I worked with versions 5 and 6. I felt that Visual Basic was and is one of the better programming languages for development on the Windows platform. With Visual Basic I created hundreds of projects, both large and small, using Rapid Application Development. I also have several years of experience with Visual Basic Scripting, particularly in the Web Browser, and also under Internet Information Server. While I have since moved all of my sites to PHP, and all of my development efforts to C#.NET, I still work with some customers on ASP, Visual Basic, and these older yet simpler technologies from time to time.

LAMP Stack

10+ years of experience working with various linux operating systems, watching intently as the platform progressed in sophistication and complexity.

I am now running Ubuntu on one of my home systems and a variety of Linux systems under VirtualBox, and have various USB boot keys and live CDs when I want to play.

I have a Debian Lenny install on my VPS system.

  • Proficient Linux Developer with experience installing, deploying, maintaining, configuring a variety of distributions
  • Expertise developing within a LAMP stack (linux, apache, mysql, php)
  • Experience with Mac OS X, freeBSD and MacPorts to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL under Mac OS X
  • Preferred OS is ubuntu 9, either with the server only or the desktop version
  • Proficient BASH scripter, adaptable with creating shell scripts for other environments
  • Experienced with various Window Managers such as Gnome, KDE, XFree86, Enlightenment
  • Installed and worked with Red Hat Linux (old days)
  • Built and deployed AMIs (Amazon Machine Interfaces) with Amazon Web Services
  • Experienced with linux system configuration with tools and the command line
  • Experienced developing MYSQL databases with MyISAM and InnoDB
  • Experienced using command line tools such as mysqli and mysqladmin, mysqldump, etc., building, developing, backing up, repairing and synchronizing databases
  • Experienced with use of PhpMyAdmin to administer databases
  • Installed and worked with various live cds / bootable usb linux combos
  • Experienced with smaller linux installations such as Damn Small Linux, Knoppix, and other distros
  • Experienced modifying PHP ini files
  • Experienced configuring /etc/apache2/ to add, remove, and configure PHP5 / apache components
  • Worked with sites-available and sites-enabled
  • Worked with mod-rewrite, .htaccess, and other related security settings
  • experienced with use and configuration of aptitude, apt-get, and a variety of other package managers
  • Experienced installing, developing, and deploying with XAMPP under windows
  • Worked through building linux distributions from scratch
  • Experienced with various linux file systems such as reiserfs, xfs, ext2/3, and a variety of journaled file systems

Mac OS X

At home and at work I am now using Mac OS X workstations. In addition to Finder, I am using RapidSVN, TextWrangler, NeoOffice, Snak, Audacity, and a wide variety of new tools. I will be putting more information here later about the different experiences I've had between Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

Microsoft Windows

Virtual World

For the past three years, I have been heavily involved with the phenomenal Second Life® platform, also developing OpenSim modules and bot applications, enhancing my skillset in one of my favorite pasttimes, 3D modelling, as well as developing several client applications which connect to the platform. I am well versed in LSL Scripting as well as


Developed numerous shopping cart, product catalog, and inventory management solutions. Created integrated processing solutions with PayPal and interaction with Amazon S3 and AWS Services. Written solutions in PHP / MySQL as well as ASP / Access / SQL Server

Microprocessor Resale

One interesting opportunity arose in the 1990s... I was employed at Inland Empire Components in Lake Elsinore, California, where I worked to develop systems for management of inventory in an ISO 9000 environment. I oversaw all computer related issues of the process, worked with vendors on systems for shipping and receiving, and learned a great deal about microprocessors and their unique properties. At this company I developed my first web based search engine, and accompanying data import and export process.

Clean Room

I was employed at Micron Semiconductor for a summer, where I worked in clean room environments and interacted with the various chemistry, software, and processes used when developing Memory Modules. I received training on various Unix systems during this time, and interacted frequently with industrial machinery.

Radio & Television

I have worked as a DJ in both AM and FM radio, as a technical producer, call screener. I managed several radio automation systems, kept station logs, and also did some production work producing spots. At the CBS affiliate in Boise, Idaho, I ran the master control room during live television broadcasts. At the "new" UPN affiliate, I was responsible for dubbing comercials, ensuring the on air presence of station identifiers, and oversaw the operational state of numerous downlinks from satellite networks. From time to time, I worked closely with marketing, sales, management, and image consultants to produce media and entertainment.